CPQ Series: Co-create quotes with customers and improve quote conversion by 3 times

CPQ_Co-create-quotes-with-customers-1-1By adopting a Configure Price Quote solution (CPQ), the expectation is for the quoting process to be faster and more accurate. CPQ should help sellers to provide error-free and fast quotes for customers.

While CPQ tools may have rich functionality, they often have a poor user experience for sellers. After meeting with a customer, a seller returns to their office to complete a quote. Often they need sales support help, or they need to refresh their CPQ tool training to remember everything. Unfortunately many CPQ tools are too complex.

Customers do not care about configuration complexity, they are more interested in the value of the products being offered and whether it meets their requirements. When meeting a seller, the customer seeks clear information, transparency in pricing, flexibility and immediate answers. However, most CPQ tools do not deliver a great experience for either customers or sellers.

Many CPQ tools are not designed to be customer facing and the quoting process is usually handled by the seller alone, after the meeting with the customer. This is why, very often, when the quote is delivered to the customer, it is different from what the customer is expecting, for example the total cost is too high or some items have been added and the customer cannot remember why. At this point, the seller won’t be able to give further assistance to the customer unless they meet again and talk through the possible options. Instead of speeding up quoting and improving the accuracy, there can be the reverse effect, and as a result a CPQ tool can drive customer dissatisfaction.

At Apparound we are different, we are no ordinary CPQ. Our sales app is a customer facing CPQ solution. The seller can build a quote collaboratively with a customer, even when there is no connection. By being involved in the quoting process, the customer can gain a deeper understanding of the product and the various options available, resulting in a much higher level of transparency. This collaborative effort makes the customer three times more likely to buy.

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