CPQ Series: What if you could sell more, no matter how complex your products are?

Apparound-CPQ-manages-complex-productsOne of the most challenging situations for a seller is generating a quote for complex products. This is especially the case with sophisticated, high-value products and services in manufacturing, technology media & telecoms and financial services. In these industries, products and services require advanced knowledge and multiple product items to finalise a quote. This is very time consuming if completed manually. This is the reason why businesses rely more and more on Configure Price Quote solutions – also known as CPQ.

To counter the increasing complexity in products and pricing, companies adopt CPQ, a configuration software capable of reducing errors in quoting. By applying pre-set rules to pricing and discounts, CPQ tools promise to help sellers be more productive in their jobs. But, often these CPQ tools are difficult and complex to use.

Most CPQ software is designed to integrate with CRM or ERP, resulting in a large user experience downside of making it difficult to use. The CPQ software manages the complexity of the products, pricing, bundling and market rules, but does not help the sellers with other important aspects of the sale. Typically, there is no content, the CPQ tools are not mobile-friendly nor customer facing, and don’t work offline. How can a seller be productive if the CPQ tool is not designed for their needs?

At Apparound, we are different, we believe in making selling easier for sellers. We’ve made this possible through an all-in-one Sales App, designed with the sales productivity of sellers in mind. The seller has access to relevant sales content, they can collaboratively build quotes with customers in minutes, on a mobile device even when there is no connection.

Find out how we have made selling complex products easy by trying Apparound, request now your personalized demo.