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The benefits of Apparound all-in-one CPQ software



AUTHOR Apparound Team

We were founded with a revolutionary idea: to improve the productivity of sales reps and guarantee them more quality time to dedicate to customers. At the very core of our idea are companies and their constant need to improve, intended as an increase in productivity and as a customer-based approach.

Improving sellers' experience and performance by streamlining sales processes, allowing the company to gain full control and drive its sales activities.

These two sentences represent Apparound's vision and mission and are the foundations on which the history and the success of this all-in-one solution for the sales force are based on. Digitizing sales processes with Apparound translates into instant benefits for the company and, consequently, for sales reps. Let us have a look to some data and information that explain the true benefits of this software.

Apparound means business growth: numbers speak for themselves

With our solution, a company can cut on sales management costs and improve negotiations effectiveness for each of their sales rep.

Apparound's benefits in numbers:

Enabling sales reps to perform their job in optimal conditions in a fundamental step towards revenue increase. Our software has been designed precisely for improving every activity that is linked to the sales cycle.


Sales journey digitalization and revenue increase

Apparound support the management of the entire sales cycle, from marketing & sales contents, offer creation, contract generation, electronic signature collection and deals monitoring.

The Content Sharing module brings any material that is showed to the customer on mobile and fixed devices. Contents can be rapidly distributed and updated, avoiding printing costs.

The CPQ allows to create quotations together with the customer, without making mistakes, while the Contract Generator and Electronic Signature modules allow to accelerate contract closing rates, both in person and remotely.

In addition, the sales rep that uses Apparound will not miss out on any transaction or possibility of cross-selling and up-selling, by leveraging customer's needs that may surface during negotiations.


Migliora l’esperienza d’acquisto dei clienti

Improve customer's buying experience

Novice sales reps can find a useful digital ally in the Solution Advisor module that will help them find the ideal solution to be proposed to the customer through guided selling paths.

Customers can participate in the configuration process by answering questions and viewing targeted contents. This interaction will lead to a greater level of customer involvement and an higher chance of positively closing the deal.

Moreover, the customer can interact with the offers and with the appointed sales rep through a dedicated portal, called Interactive Tools, that will improve customer engagement.


Apparound: the digital tool for increased productivity

Thanks to our solution, the sales department gains support during each sales phase (pre and post-sales too), manages contents and administrative tasks more rapidly, has more time to dedicate to negotiations and improves customer engagement.

Apparound's Data Manager module increase sales force productivity and cuts training costs, as it accelerates new sales reps onboarding by enabling their productivity in significantly less time.

Through the Admin Portal, instead, it is possible to:

  • Manage users, customers profiles and define business flows;
  • Simplify marketing&sales content management, upload and maintenance, in order to keep them always up-to-date;
  • Streamline the management of product catalogs, product bundles and configurations, discounts and pricing rules.

Moreover, the Admin Portal can be accessed from any browser and allows to rapidly execute maintenance operations without having to involve IT technicians. The portal has an intuitive interface, with different sections:

  • Home

Here it is possible to view a summary of the configuration, contents, added products, latest edits and access a guided configuration path for the less experienced.

  • Content

Here is possible to add and organize brochures, catalogs, files and videos that can be shared with colleagues and create push notifications that can be sent to users. Additionally, gerarchic visibility levels can be set on the basis of the user profile.

  • Products

This sections allows to create and manage the product catalog, construct the offers' structure and configure categories, price lists, payment terms and discounts. Through this section it is possible to monitor sales and bestselling products.

  • Engines

Use engines to create multi-product offers in real-time with optional services, packages and discounts included.

  • Customers

In this section it is possible to manage the customer list and their personal data. It is also possible to create specific profiles for managing products visibility, contents, offers and dedicate discounts.

  • Surveys

Create surveys for customers and the sales force. In addition, allows to access results and visualize information.

  • Users

Create and manage users on the platform, invite colleagues to use the app, define group, assign different roles and access permissions for each module and each information stored on the platform.

  • Settings

In this section it is possible to customize graphical and navigation aspects of the platform by setting, for example, colors, company logos, home and sales journey appearance, notifications, business cards, offers and contracts templates and much more.

  • Resources

Here you can find resources for making the most out of your Apparound experience.



When productivity turns into more sales

In order to deliver an excellent purchasing experience for the customer, it is essential to deliver an excellent user experience for the seller.

Apparound, thanks to its ten modules, improves sales force productivity by freeing sellers from out-of-date paper materialsreducing time spent on data entry and reports and allowing them to focus their efforts on the most important activity: selling.


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