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Benefits of CPQ integration with company software

Apparound ranks among the top 17 solutions in CPQ, Configure Price Quote, as well as Sales Enablement platforms. A...

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Single Sign-On: streamline accesses, increase company security

The goal of Apparound is to optimize sales processes and make the work of the sales force more profitable, and not only...

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The benefits of Apparound all-in-one CPQ software

Improving sellers' experience and performance by streamlining sales processes, allowing the company to gain full control

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The importance of Business Intelligence and Power BI integration

Today companies can leverage big data in order to have a more truthful overview of their business, in addition to...

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CRM-CPQ-ERP integration: increase efficiency through shared data

We already discussed in a previous article how important it is to have the possibility to integrate CRM and CPQ in...

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CRM-CPQ integration: why connecting a quote configurator to the CRM?

Nowadays, companies produce a high number of quotes and are increasingly needing a CPQ solution to be integrated with...

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Benefits of CRM-CPQ integration: Apparound and Salesforce

Apparound is the SaaS cloud all-in-one solution for managing sales processes, designed for solving sales force's main...

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CRM-CPQ integration: why you should synchronize Dynamics 365 & Apparound

The main goal of CRM-CPQ integration is to synchronize these two systems so that they function as one single tool.

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All-in-one CPQ software for sales network training and management

Apparound is not just a CPQ software, but an all-in-one digital solution for sales reps and sales force managers.


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How to realize an effective business partnership in the IT industry

The concept of business partnership has constantly evolvedduring the years and gainedvarious and different new meanings.

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Apparound: CPQ software for simplifying product configuration

Founded for increasing sellers’ productivity and offer a unique approach to sales operations, Apparound is an...

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